At Pin Whistle, we're on a mission - to help the world live better by giving them access to the latest in proven specialist knowledge through a curated range of premium, ethical, and sustainable products. We strategically acquire, build, and distribute health, wellness, and beauty brands, marketing and selling them via multiple channels to people who share our values and priorities.


We believe that profitable growth shouldn't be at odds with doing good for people and the planet. This may seem idealistic to some, but our experience says otherwise. In fact, we think that commerce can and should sit at the heart of solutions to some of the biggest challenges of our era. With money and scale comes the ability to have impactful change and the opportunity to set the benchmark for others.

It's this kind of thinking which guides the Pin Whistle team and our advisors, who bring both wildly diverse perspectives and deep specialisation to all that we do.

Together with a rapidly growing groundswell of ambitious, thoughtful, and demanding customers, we're here to be the change we all want to see in the world.



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